CDFA Releases Draft Regulations on California’s Medical Cannabis Cultivation Program

CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing, a branch of the California Department of Food and Agriculture has proposed regulations for cultivation, nurseries, and processing. CDFA Announced the release of the proposed regulations for medical cannabis cultivators in California. This release initiates the official 45-day public review and comment period—April 28, 2017, to June 12, […]

CA NORML News and Events

NEWS Senators Urge Sessions to Keep Trump’s Promise of Marijuana Federalism. Since neither Sens. Feinstein or Harris signed this letter, Cal NORML wrote to them, and to Sessions. Harris is calling for Sessions to resign over his false or misleading statements under oath regarding his meetings with Russian officials, and Feinstein […]

Humboldt NORML Monthly Meeting Notes

  Meeting Agenda 2/23/2017 LAST MEETING RECAP -PROP 64 Passes, Good or Bad? -Cal NORML’s Post-64 Reform Agenda (1) Expand areas where marijuana can be used for medical and adult use, particularly when vaporized. (2) Protect cannabis users from discrimination in employment, housing, parental and medical rights. (3) Forbid local bans […]

California NORML News & Events

News of the Week • Coming Events State leaders scramble to delay tax break for medical marijuana patients State Releases Forms for Sentence Reduction Under Prop. 64 Jeff Sessions’ nomination as U.S. attorney general shocks California cannabis industry Kamala Harris Issues Statement on President-Elect Trump’s Proposed Nomination of Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions […]

Tax and Fee Changes for Medical Marijuana Patients upon Prop. 64 Passage

Tax and Fee Changes for Medical Marijuana Patients upon Prop. 64 Passage Posted October 28th, 2016 by canorml_admin October 28, 2016 – The California State Board of Equalization has issued an announcement about the effect of Proposition 64 on sellers of medical marijuana. The BOE states that if Proposition 64 […]

Prop. 64 Passes in California, Now What?

What’s Legal, and What Isn’t, After Prop. 64 Posted November 8th, 2016 by canorml_admin November 9, 2016 – Californians have approved Prop. 64 to legalize adult use of marijuana by a margin of 56-44%. The approval of Prop. 64 by the nation’s largest state should send a powerful message to […]

Legalize It! CA NORML begins to Reform Prop. 64

WOW! What can you say, no plan or legislation is perfect but the prohibition of cannabis/ marijuana is over as we know it. The goal of human rights advocacy for cannabis/ marijuana achieves another milestone in our time! Now its time to start reforming some of the items we are […]

Election Day News and Events from California NORML

Top News Tuesday November 8 is Election Day Voter’s Guide to Drug Policy Reform Candidates and Measures Polls Suggest California and Massachusetts Will Legalize Marijuana Tomorrow Sespe Creek Collective in Ventura Raided Five Days Before Election Also see: Cannabis Policy “Disjointed” and Ruthless  President Obama Calls Federal Prohibition “Untenable” in Wake of State Reforms  Nancy […]

California Cannabis Legalization Proposition 64 (AUMA) Pros and Cons Draft 2

AUMA/ Proposition 64 Pros/ Cons (Draft 2)   PROS 1) Ends Prohibition –too many people criminalized for non-violent drug offenses. 2) The funding entity is from the Tech Industry, not Oil, Tobacco, Alcohol or Pharmaceutical. We think this adds some benefit to the cannabis community and we should be a little more receptive […]