Humboldt NORML Monthly Meeting Notes   Recently updated !

  Meeting Agenda and Notes 4/19/2017 LAST MEETING RECAP Cal NORML has posted a list of the 44 bills that are pending in the legislature in Sacramento. Ending Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017 – Bipartisan legislation was introduced to exclude marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, thus leaving states the authority to […]

NORML opposes Marino’s appointment to Drug Czar

Click here to send a message to President Trump – End the charade of the Drug Czar by abolishing the position.  Friend, The Trump Administration is widely expected to pick Representative Tom Marino for Drug Czar. Representative Marino is a longtime, rabid drug warrior who has a consistent record of […]

IB Times-Trump’s Pick For Drug Czar Hauled In Thousands Of Dollars From Drug Distributors He Wrote Bill To Protect   Recently updated ! President Donald Trump recently launched a high-profile White House initiative to combat the growing problem of opioid drug abuse in America. Yet his expected selection to oversee the nation’s drug laws is a congressman from an opioid-ravaged district whose signature legislative accomplishment is a bill that shielded prescription opioid […]

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Support NORML’s 4/20 Day of Action!   Recently updated !

On April 20th, marijuana consumers and advocates will gather around the world to show their support for ending the prohibition of marijuana. These celebratory gatherings seek to bring awareness to marijuana’s proven medicinal benefits, its hundreds of industrial uses, and the obvious need to end the mass arrest, stigmatization, and […]

CA NORML News   Recently updated !

LA Daily News: End Federal Prohibition of Marijuana  DHS Chief: Marijuana is Not a Factor in the Drug War Rift Opens Between the Brown Administration and Legislators over new marijuana laws in California NY Times: Marijuana Goes Industrial in California LA’s Spiritual Communities Use Marijuana in their Rituals Yahoo News: […]

CA NORML News- Governor releases draft marijuana regulations and more

The Governor’s office issued a draft budget trailer bill reconciling MCRSA and AUMA. The proposal ends the state ID card program, making it voluntary for counties to implement it. It makes physician recommendations invalid after one year, and separates medical and adult cannabis businesses on all levels. Read Cal NORML’s summary […]

The Humboldt County Cup is a Science Based and Honest Cannabis Cup Competition

Public Notice: The Humboldt County Cup is a Science Based and Honest Cannabis Cup Competition There are some misconceptions that cannabis contests are not fairly judged or based upon science. That may be true for some but not the Humboldt County Cup! Since Humboldt NORML is a major sponsor of the Humboldt County Cup, […]

Humboldt County Tax- Public Survey Opportunity-Deadline 5:00 PM, April 3, 2017

What are your priorities for Measure S, the commercial cannabis cultivation tax that was passed by voters in November? Introduction In November 2016, Humboldt County voters passed Measure S which places a tax on individuals who cultivate cannabis for commercial purposes. Now, the Board of Supervisors wants to hear from […]

Humboldt NORML Monthly Meeting Notes

  Meeting Notes 3/28/2017 LAST MEETING RECAP -National Academy of Sciences Releases a Positive Report on the Health Effects of Cannabis -Trump Administration to Study Marijuana and Driving under legislation President Obama signed into law last month. The U.S. government will conduct a study investigating “marijuana as a causal factor in traffic […]