Humboldt NORML is an organization devoted to lobbying for the right to use cannabis for adult and medical use. Members help to achieve these goals by supporting Humboldt NORML. Members will also stay informed about legislation that will directly affect them.

Members receive newsletters; event invitations, free advice on drug testing; legal and health issues; announcements of meetings and events; and legislative alerts. Our membership list is strictly confidential.

Memberships (1 Volunteer Hour = $15)

___$ 15 Student

(Newsletter, Updates, Event Invitations)

___$ 30 Basic

(Newsletter, Updates, Event Invitations)

___$ 50 Associate

(Above and insider information)

___$ 100 Partner

(Above and planning recommendations)

___$ 500 Business

(Above and advertising)

Send to: Cal NORML, 2261 Market St. #278A, San Francisco CA 94114

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