Humboldt NORML Sept. Monthly Meeting Notes

Meeting Agenda 9/26/2018

– Local regulations and requirements taking too much time and money
– Large scale cannabis operations undercutting the market
– Seeking volunteers to fill several Humboldt NORML positions

– SB 829, to protect compassion programs that donate cannabis to needy patients, passed and awaits consideration by the governor
– AB2641 temporary retail event sales not passed
– AB2020 cannabis events at private venues passed
– CA NORML Action alerts: Governor Brown has only until this Sunday, Sept. 30 to sign or veto the bills on his desk.
AB 1793, to Automatically Resentence Past Marijuana Convictions
SB 829, to Protect Cannabis Compassion Programs for Needy Patients
SB 1127, to Allow Medical Cannabis to be administered to Patients in Schools Read more and take action on other pending bills
– BCC Cannabis Advisory Committee visits Humboldt

– Congressional Committee Approves Legislation To Expand Pool Of Federally Licensed Marijuana Growers
– Border Officials: Canadians Involved In Legal Marijuana Industry To Be Barred Entry To The United States
– Congressional Leadership Strips Provisions Facilitating Medical Marijuana Access For Veterans

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