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FDA Chief Talks About Marijuana Decriminalization


Cal NORML’s Round-Up of Cannabis Bills Sent to Governor for Signature

Three Cannabis Bills to Watch

How state politicians killed key cannabis bills this year


Los Angeles has charged 515 people with running illegal marijuana businesses this year
  Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds Approved To Host Cannabis Events 

Few Crimes Linked to Legal Pot Dispensaries in San Diego in First Half of 2018

LA Daily News: High taxes help protect the black market for marijuana


Butte County’s medical marijuana rules upheld by appeals court


SEC sues cannabis investment fund, warns investors about MJ industry ‘scam artists’

CDFA Releases “Track and Trace” Graphic


Amid opioid crisis, researchers aim to put medical marijuana to the test

Mechanism for THC’s analgesic effect is suggested by study

CBD prevents schizophrenia symptoms during peri-adolescence in animal model

Take Action

Ask Gov. Brown to Sign:

AB 1793, to Automatically Resentence Past Marijuana Convictions

SB 829, to Protect Cannabis Compassion Programs for Needy Patients

SB 1127, to Allow Medical Cannabis to be Administered to Patients in Schools

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