Humboldt NORML March Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes 3/28/2018

LAST MEETING RECAP (Open Discussion Pre-2018 Regulations)
– Humboldt County people voice concerns at the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors meeting.
– Local residents reach out to Humboldt NORML with main concerns.
– California Compassion Coalition.
– Cal NORML Opposes Bill to Suspend Licenses of Underage Drivers.
– AB 2069 Protect Patients from Employment Discrimination. Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) has introduced legislation, AB 2069, to strengthen employment rights for medical cannabis patients.
– Berkeley City Council voted to cut the local tax in half to 5%, other cities expected to follow.
– Sen. Ricardo Lara sponsors a bill (SB 1302) to end local delivery bans.
– Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017.
– Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health Study exposes claim that medical marijuana laws increase recreational cannabis use for US teens.


– Humboldt County supervisors decide on changes to grow tax.
– Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Commercial Cannabis Land Use Ordinances updates. Public comment to March 28.
– People with marijuana crimes on their record can clear them up under Prop. 64 and most haven’t.
– Commercial cannabis industry in crisis with high taxes, black market.
– California Releases Emergency Regulations for Manufacturing Cannabis in Shared-Use Facilities.
– NORML announces the dates for our 2018 National NORML Conference and Lobby Day. The conference will run from July 22nd – 24th in Washington, DC at the Capital Hilton.
– Rohrabacher-Blumenauer budget amendment extended through September 30; signed by Trump. Medical marijuana patients and businesses in accordance with state laws will continue to be protected from arrest and prosecution by federal officials until Sept. 30.
– U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions released a memo urging federal prosecutors to seek the death penalty for “dealing in extremely large quantities of drugs.” Sessions’ federal guidelines for capital punishment, which include 60,000 kilograms of marijuana product or $20 million in gross receipts in a year.

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