Humboldt NORML Feb. Monthly Meeting Notes

Meeting Agenda 2/27/2018

LAST MEETING RECAP (Open Discussion Pre-2018 Regulations)

– Local retail dispensaries begin recreational sales.
– Mad River zoning and local cannabis permitting issues.
– CGA has filed a lawsuit challenging the CDFA’s decision to allow unlimited stacking of cultivation license and Humboldt NORML announces public support to achieve the 1 acre cap.
– Deception of Measure S: Measure S tax structure issues reported by Humboldt NORML
– County Permit issuance reported by Humboldt NORML in January 2017:
So far, the county has issued just over 100 cannabis permits, and possibly 200 or so cannabis interim permits.

– Cannabis prohibition ends in California and recreational sales begins January 1, 2018!
– 15 Companies Take 10% of Initial California Cannabis Licenses
Based on research from the Cannabiz Media License Database;
1st) Honeydew Farms LLC = 29 licenses
2nd) Harborside = 12 licenses
– BCC announces statewide track-and-trace and licensing workshops.
– CA NORML 2nd Annual Legal Seminar on Feb. 17, 2018 in Oakland.
– Rep. Rob Bonta (Oakland) has introduced AB 1793, to create a simpler and expedited pathway for Californians to have certain criminal convictions for cannabis-related offenses removed or reduced from their records.
– Representatives Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Don Young (R-AK) filed a resolution, HR 4779, known as The REFER Act, prohibiting the federal government from taking punitive action against those operating in states where the use and distribution of marijuana is legal.
– CA NORML releases 2017 Accomplishments and Plans for 2018

– Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo to federal prosecutors which “directs all U.S. Attorneys to enforce the laws enacted by Congress and to follow well-established principles when pursuing prosecutions related to marijuana activities.”
– The Marijuana Justice Act of 2017 Introduced


– Special Guest Kristen Nevedal, chair of the International Cannabis Farmers Association, serves as a board member for the CCIA, representing the agricultural committee.
– Public Comment/ Open Discussion


– Humboldt County people voice concerns at the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors meeting.
– Local residents reach out to Humboldt NORML with main concerns:

– California Compassion Coalition
– Cal NORML Opposes Bill to Suspend Licenses of Underage Drivers.
– AB 2069 Protect Patients from Employment Discrimination. Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) has introduced legislation, AB 2069, to strengthen employment rights for medical cannabis patients.
– Berkeley City Council voted to cut the local tax in half to 5%, other cities expected to follow.
– Sen. Ricardo Lara sponsors a bill (SB 1302) to end local delivery bans.

– Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017
– Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health Study exposes claim that medical marijuana laws increase recreational cannabis use for US teens.


– Public Comment

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