Humboldt NORML Oct. Monthly Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes 10/25/2017



– Humboldt NORML Social Media Team formed for community outreach.


– Attempt to limit cannabis advertising on clothing in California on hold. Sen. Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) had proposed the legislation with the intent to make marijuana less attractive to young people by prohibiting sellers and manufacturers from using merchandise such as clothes and hats to promote their products. Opponents of Allen’s bill, including the California Cannabis Manufacturers Assn., said such a law would be a financial burden, depriving them of legitimate profits. The Assembly Appropriations Committee put the measure on hold without an explanation.

– Adelanto’s power infrastructure short to meet commercial cannabis demand. Southern California Edison has told commercial cannabis growers in the city that infrastructure is lacking to power the influx of anticipated operations, according to the chief executive of one company rooted here.

– Sacramento To Send SWAT Teams After Noncompliant Grows. Sometime before the Labor Day holiday, heavily armed and highly trained law-enforcement officers will fan out across Sacramento, California’s capital city and the main center of commerce and culture in the state’s vast Central Valley. Following elite cops from the Sacramento Police Department’s SWAT team will be many building inspectors and code-enforcement officers. As the Sacramento Bee is reporting, this is the dream team that city leaders are sending out into the world to eliminate out illegal marijuana grows—a one-size-raids-all approach that will snare both cartel-connected trafficking rings, as well as home grows a few plants or a few square feet too big and out of code compliance.

– California Tribes Form Cannabis Association.

– California lawmakers propose allowing marijuana growers and sellers to work alongside each other.


– Amendment to Cut Funding of DEA’s Cannabis Eradication Program, Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) has reintroduced an amendment to cut funds from the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) cannabis eradication program through their Salaries and Expenses Account. In 2016, the budget for the eradication program was $18 million and the amendment would cut that in half. The funds would be redirected to domestic abuse prevention and juvenile justice programs.

– NORML Lobby Day in Washington D.C. 24 states represented by citizen lobbyists, 21 speakers, 5 members of Congress participated in activities, 150+ congressional meetings.

– Blumenauer and Rohrabacher Issue Statement on Extension of Critical Medical Marijuana Protections Through December 8.



– Locals express more concerns about their future in the cannabis industry.
Main concerns are for the small business who cannot compete with many of the requirements, costs and slow process of evolving cannabis regulatory practices. There are many unknowns for how the state will be able to process all these applications in January and what will happen in January, 2018.

– Microbusiness Licenses good for Humboldt? First introduced as part of Proposition 64 in relation to adult-use operations, the microbusiness license is going to be available to medical marijuana businesses, partly due to SB 94. The license allows small businesses to vertically integrate as owners could grow cannabis in an area of less than 10,000 square feet, distribute, manufacture non-volatile products and become a retailer.

– Humboldt County Commercial cannabis updates. Humboldt County is not taking applications for cannabis permits until the new county ordinance is issued and is yet to be released.


– Bureau of Cannabis Control (MCRSA) California’s three cannabis licensing authorities have announced the official withdrawal of the draft medical cannabis regulations that were proposed in late spring. The three cannabis licensing authorities will develop emergency regulations based new laws that passed this year, and will incorporate the robust and valuable public comment received on the proposed medical cannabis regulations.

Bureau of Cannabis Control (MCRSA)
Bureau of Cannabis Control (Laboratories)
CA Department of Food and Ag (Cultivation)
CA Department of Public Health (Manufacturing)

– State licensing authorities will use the emergency rulemaking process for the new regulations. The emergency regulations are expected to be published in November. The implementation date for the issuance of commercial cannabis licenses remains the same: January 1, 2018.

– Visit the state’s Cannabis Web Portal for additional information about the three licensing authorities, or to learn about updates as they become available.

– The State Water Resources Control Board has issued deadlines specific to cultivators that wish to submit their CalCannabis cultivation license application before January 1, 2019. If water is already being diverted under a riparian water right claim, an Initial Statement of Diversion and Use must be on file with the Division of Water Rights on or before October 31, 2017. Forms are available at the SWRCB.

– The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration has issued notice of New Cannabis Taxes Begin January 1, 2018: “If you sell cannabis or cannabis products, you must register with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) for a seller’s permit. Cannabis cultivators, processors, manufacturers, retailers, microbusinesses, and distributors making sales are required to obtain and maintain a seller’s permit as a prerequisite for applying for a license with the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the California Department of Consumer Affairs, or the California Department of Public Health. Distributors of cannabis and cannabis products must also register with the CDTFA for a cannabis tax permit to report and pay the two new cannabis taxes to the CDTFA. The cannabis tax permit is in addition to your seller’s permit.”

– Governor Brown Vetoes Bills Banning Smoking and Vaping at the Beach.


– Study: Marijuana Dispensaries Associated With Declining Rates Of Painkiller Abuse.
– Study: Medical Cannabis Enrollees Reduce Their Prescription Drug Use.
– Cannabis Retail Facilities Associated With Rising Home Values.


– Humboldt County Cup event (volunteers, tabling, NORML discussion)
– Public Comment?

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