Humboldt NORML Aug. Monthly Meeting Notes

Meeting Agenda 8/30/2017



– Local attorney emails NORML to raise concerns about the County Board of Supervisors, black market advantages, county controls over wells, logging road requirements and code enforcement.

“they are proposing to bring the hundreds of miles of private roads left over from logging, up to standards that will prevent erosion into the streams, and allow speedy fire suppression. These are worthy goals, but asking the cannabis growers to bear the costs is to put a huge burden on people already facing large financial outlays to bring the farms up to county code, and who are not the ones who created these roads, or these problems”

“The Planning Department management has starting fining people threatening to cancel license applications, and setting deadlines. At the same time they are posing new obstacles, and penalizing some applicants for no better reason than to show that they can. People are becoming angry and disenchanted. I have had several clients drop their applications, and others are strongly considering it. These people came forward in good faith, spent countless thousands of dollars to work towards coming into compliance, and now are considering cutting their losses and leaving the program”

“To top it all off, the code enforcement team – part of law enforcement – has suggested destroying the farms of people who are slow to perfect their applications to make examples of them, and even picked a farm they’d like to start with.”

– Track and trace updates

– Current status of application/permit process for Humboldt County

Estimating 50 permitted, 800 guaranteed and expecting 16K to apply in Jan. 2018.

– The city of Eureka/coastal commission decision on permitted operations.


– Lobby Day in Sacramento, D. Garcez for Humboldt NORML in attendance!

– Draft Program Environmental Impact Report comments due July 31 at 5 PM

The CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing program has prepared a Draft Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act. The Draft PEIR provides information about the potential environmental effects associated with the adoption and implementation of statewide cannabis cultivation regulations. The release of the Draft PEIR triggers a 45-day public review and comment period to allow agencies and interested parties the opportunity to provide input on the environmental analyses, mitigation measures, and alternatives associated with statewide cannabis cultivation. Four public workshops on the Draft PEIR will be held in California in July

– The State Water Resources Control Board accepting public comments on a Draft Cannabis Cultivation Policy – Principles and Guidelines for Cannabis Cultivation (Cannabis Policy), Draft Cannabis Cultivation Policy Staff Report, and Draft General Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges of Waste Associated with Cannabis Cultivation Activities (General Order).

– Asm. Lackey: State powers, regulation and fair taxation are at the heart of legalizing marijuana.


– Federal: House Bill Introduced to Expand Veterans’ Access to Medical Marijuana
– Senate Committee Passes Veterans Equal Access Amendment on July 13
– Action Alert: Federal Legislation To Protect Medical Marijuana Patients Pending In Senate (CARERS Act)
Legislation has been reintroduced in the Senate, The Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States (CARERS) Act of 2017, S. 1374/HR 2920 to strengthen protections for those compliant with their state’s medical marijuana laws and to impose various changes to federal law.
Passage of CARERS 2017 exempts from federal prosecution those who are engaged in the “production, possession, distribution, dispensation, administration, laboratory testing, recommending use, or delivery of medical marijuana” in instances where these activities comport with state law. Separate provisions in Act exclude cannabidiol from the federal definition of marijuana, permit VA doctors to authorize medical cannabis access to qualified patients, and remove undue federal barriers to clinical trial research to better assess the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis.



– The Humboldt County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office is developing the project in partnership with SICPA Product Security, LLC, a global leader in product authentication, identification and secure traceability solutions and services. Beginning August 1 and concluding in November, the County of Humboldt will operate the Humboldt Cannabis Pilot Program. The program is designed to track the movement of medical cannabis through each step of the supply chain, as well as trace the product back to its origin, a technology known as “track and trace.” The purpose of the Humboldt Cannabis Pilot Program is designed to ensure medical cannabis in Humboldt County complies with local and state regulations, and promotes public health and safety. The program will also help protect the Humboldt artisanal brand of medicinal cannabis, as required by the county’s Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance.

– Yes We Cann parade on Aug 12th and tabling was successful. Coalition building with Weed for Warriors Project, Green Party and Move to Amend.

– City of Arcata met to discuss recreational/ adult use.

– Fish and Wildlife wardens visited a Mendocino County property unannounced Aug. 10

According to the Press Democrat, with a search warrant and weapons drawn, residents were detained in handcuffs for several hours while officers eradicated more than 60 nearly mature plants, searched the home and seized their county application documents, according to the residents and their attorney. A Fish and Wildlife spokesman said the property was raided because they suspected a well was diverting water from a nearby creek. Lt. Chris Stoots said the agency’s Watershed Enforcement Program — tasked to investigate, enforce and remediate environmental damage from cannabis cultivation on private land — launched the investigation.

– Humboldt County Cup updates and fundraising opportunities.

Joining us live from Jamaica is Bernard Collins from the Abyssinians, Emerald Fair debut, Green Party US with Jill Stein for Green New Deal conference. CA NORML?

– Fundraising opportunities?


– The State Water Resources Control Board will accept public comments on a Draft Cannabis Cultivation Policy Principles and Guidelines for Cannabis Cultivation (Cannabis Policy), Draft Cannabis Cultivation Policy Staff Report, and Draft General Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges of Waste Associated with Cannabis Cultivation Activities (General Order). The Board held two staff informational workshops (July 20, 2017 – Eureka and July 27, 2017 – Sacramento) to present information and answer questions. In addition, a Board workshop was scheduled for August 2, 2017, in Sacramento to provide information on the draft documents and receive public comments. The comment period ends at 12:00 P.M. (noon) on Wednesday, September 6, 2017. The Notice, draft documents, and other information are available on the State Water Board’s Cannabis Cultivation webpage.

– Governor Brown made appointments to the Bureau of Cannabis Control

– The state is seeking at least 175 employees in the Bureau of Cannabis Control, the CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing office and the California Department of Public Health.


– DOJ Task Force: Maintain ‘Hands Off’ Approach To States’ Marijuana Laws

From NORML, “A special Justice Department committee tasked with reviewing existing marijuana enforcement policies and making recommendations has failed to offer support for a federally led crackdown in legal marijuana states, according to documents obtained last week by the Associated Press.”

“The Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety, a group consisting of federal prosecutors and members of law enforcement, did not call for changes in existing policy. Since 2013, the Justice Department has directed US attorneys in all 50 states not to interfere with state legalization efforts and those licensed to engage in the plant’s production and sale, provided that such persons do not engage in marijuana sales to minors or divert the product to states that have not legalized its use, among other guidelines.
The Justice Department and US Attorney General are not legally bound by the task force’s recommendations, which they have yet to release publicly”

– U.S. District Court blocked federal prosecutors from moving forward with conspiracy case against two local Humboldt County area cultivators.

The defendants claimed to be in compliance with CA state medical marijuana laws and working with medical collectives and this was enough to block federal prosecutors. The Rohrabacher-Farr amendment co-authored by U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher in 2014 prevents enforcement and prosecution in medical marijuana states.

– State Marijuana And Regulatory Tolerance (SMART) Enforcement Act.
A new solution to the tension between federal prohibition and the states that have legalized medical or responsible adult-use marijuana has been introduced in Congress, the
The SMART Enforcement Act makes the Controlled Substances Act inapplicable with respect to marijuana law enforcement in jurisdictions that have regulated its use and distribution.

– NORML Lobby Day September 10-12 in Washington, DC


1. Humboldt County Cup fundraising opportunities for Humboldt NORML?

2. Trailer Bill and Packaging updates?

3. Outreach opportunities and events.

4. Social Media team formation.

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