Las Vegas Cannabis Cup Continues with State Rights over Federal Cannabis Issues

Despite recent concerns from Federal authorities in regards to the High Times Cannabis Cup in Las Vegas, the event will continue. The main concern seems to be distribution and not the “use” of cannabis, in which the recent Humboldt County Cup attempted to comply with the “use” law in January 2017 and ultimately changed venues based upon hearsay from a few local citizens and Ferndale law enforcement that was not backed up with legal code from Proposition 64.

If these events can occur all over the U.S., then why not at our Humboldt County Fairgrounds? Our county fairgrounds are held hostage by a few in Ferndale, CA. No rap, hip-hop, reggae or cannabis allowed. The fairgrounds are for the people of Humboldt County and not reserved for a few closed minded individuals in Ferndale who invade our civil and medical state rights. The people in Humboldt County and Humboldt NORML have not forgotten or given up protecting our rights.

by High Times Cannabis Cup


“Since our founding in 1974, HIGH TIMES has been deeply committed to creating safe, law-abiding events that allow the cannabis community to peacefully assemble and collectively celebrate the freedoms we’ve won through the national marijuana legalization movement.

After direct consultation with local and state authorities, HIGH TIMES, along with our partner Ultra Health, was confident we would have an event that was a safe celebration of cannabis within Nevada’s medical cannabis statutes. We have been in regular consultation with Nevada Medical Marijuana Establishments (MMEs), the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH), which oversees NV MMEs, and the Department of Taxation, and we have been very clear that we have always been prepared to host a compliant event.

HIGH TIMES thanks the Nevada Department of Public Behavior & Health and the Nevada Department of Taxation for their open correspondence and cooperation in allowing us to have our event within the confines of Nevada law.

Additionally, the HIGH TIMES U.S. Cannabis Cup Las Vegas is fully compliant with Moapa Tribal Law.

But now federal authorities have intervened directly with our host venue, the land of the Moapa Band of Paiutes. Subsequently, we’ve been informed that our upcoming Cannabis Cup event in Nevada ‪on March 4-5 can proceed as planned, but vendors, guests, performers and attendees are advised to comply with applicable law concerning the distribution of cannabis in any amount at the event. In order for the cannabis industry to continue to earn legitimacy and social acceptance, we understand that rules and laws need to be abided.

HIGH TIMES will continue to stand up for our civil liberties and advocate for our inalienable rights to cultivate and consume cannabis. We urge you to join us.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to

HIGH TIMES and the Cannabis Cup are always working hard to help people exercise their legal rights—from freedom of speech to the right to assemble peacefully. We do so in cooperation with all local, state and federal laws and in partnership with local law enforcement. As the wave of legalization, decriminalization and normalization sweeps the nation, cannabis events will prosper.

HIGH TIMES and the Cannabis Cup will continue to be the voice of the industry and foster collaboration and co-operation between all parties involved.”

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