Welcome to Humboldt NORML!

Mission Goals

  • Coordinate and assist with NORML and California NORML‘s mission goals for human rights cannabis advocacy.
  • Identify potential impacts of cannabis legalization in order to achieve an environmentally sustainable cannabis industry that will benefit Humboldt County’s small business economy and community.
  • Help develop a local regulatory framework for cannabis legalization in coordination with other diverse groups that will encompass the recommendations of community members, organizations, government, and stakeholder groups.
  • Provide input into legalization measures that will work towards a way to bring regulation and resource management to the cannabis industry for the good of all.
  • Advocate for Federal approval of Veteran’s right to diverse varieties of cannabis and physicians.
  • Core values include human rights, employment rights, medical rights, environmental and economic justice, public health and safety.

CA State Laws


Federal: Support the Marijuana Data Collection Act


Jeff Sessions Is Targeting The Cannabis Community – It’s Time For Congress To Step In

Federal: Legislation To Protect Medical Marijuana Patients Pending In Senate (CARERS Act)

Federal: End The Federal Government’s Enforcement of Marijuana Prohibition

Support the Respect States’ Marijuana Laws Act.

Email your member of Congress to join the Cannabis Caucus.

SUPPORT Cannabis Research 

LETTER to President-elect Trump

SUPPORT the Veterans Equal Access Act (HR667)

 SUPPORT Federal Legislation: The Compassionate Access Act (HR1774)

SUPPORT Bipartisan Bill to Eliminate DEA Marijuana Eradication Program (HR3518)

OPPOSE Bill To Impose Presumptive THC Impairment Standards (AB2740)

OPPOSE Legislation Pending To Impose Retail Taxes On Medical Marijuana (SB987, AB2243)